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Buy ToLet Mortgages allow the borrower a first charge loan using an investment residential property as security. The buy to let mortgage is set-up so that the property is tenanted out and the mortgage payments are covered by the rent generated by the tenant within the security.

HMO Mortgage

A HMO Mortgage is a conventional buy to let mortgage taken over a security that has multiple tenants. It is referred to as a House of Multiple Occupancy i.e. shared bathing and kitchen facilities.

Holiday let Mortgage

A Holiday Let mortgage is a conventional buy to let mortgage on a security that has long-term tenancy restrictions.

portfolio mortgage

A portfolio mortgage straddles the border between buy to let lending and commercial mortgages as a loan over multiple properties. In a buy to let form this will take individual loan charges against each property whereas in commercial form a single loan facility can stretch over multiple properties. The former tends to be interest only, the latter amortizing

The two main forms of buy to let products are:

A buy to let mortgage provider will lend to a set percentage of the purchase price of the property and this is generally at the top end (Loan to Value) of alternate forms of finance – as of late 2011 the highest LTV’s available are 75-80%.

As a long-term product the rates often tend to be very competitive and the borrower is provided with a choice of a fixed or variable rate product. A fixed rate product allows the borrower to plan monthly expenditure; a variable rate product holds the advantage of a potentially decreasing monthly payment.

Darren of Kytson Mortgages & Finance has really worked hard to find me a suitable mortgage within an incredibly short timescale. From first viewing the property on 23 Sept, Darren was able to provide me with a confirmed offer of a mortgage on the 11th Oct, at a very competitive rate. He has been proactive all through the process, making sure that all the required detail was in place for his discussions. He went the extra mile to ensure that my slightly unusual circumstances were taken care of and I am very satisfied with the service he provided.

Neil Marshall